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- BUY from us and get up to 1% of purchase price back at closing towards closing costs

- SELL with us and get up to 1% back at closing

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The  Beaches real estate market is made up of diverse and interesting communities and neighborhoods. We’ll tell you about each of them and let you narrow your search to the very best for you.

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If you’re a buyer, you want to check out our Featured Homes, as they’re selected for their quality and amenities. As a seller, you’ll want to see your home on this page.

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Why Use a Discount Broker?

As a seller, do you really want to pay full commission to a listing agent when it is the selling agent who actually brings you the buyer? The truth is, while the listing agent does provide many valuable services, most of the effort in today's market is finding the right buyers. Why pay more then you have to for listing your home?

As a qualified buyer, you are the most coveted person in the real estate industry. We will not just help  you to find the right home at the right price, but also  in making it as affordable as possible by helping with your closing costs and pre-paids! Will other companies do the same?

You might  be able to negotiate these discounts at other real estate brokers, but at Best Realty, you don't even have to ask!


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Our home search page is one of the most valuable tools on this site for both buyers and sellers. Keep your finger on the pulse of the market by visiting the real estate search page.

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